Delivery Information

At the time of reservation, the Client will specify the name and location in Singapore where the rental item(s) will be delivered and retrieved. Client understands that pick-up locations may vary depending on the drop off location. If the client is unsure as to the location of pick up, the client agrees to contact OBMX to clarify.

For all Hotel in Singapore, we will deliver and collect to/from the client's hotel concierge. Please specify the name use to make the hotel reservation for easy drop-off and collection.

The Client agreed to pay a service fee of $30.00 per delivery or collection attempt. Additional service fee is chargeable if client request same day delivery as the booking day. Same Day (express service) within 3 hours will be charge $20.00 or within 8 hours (Standard service) for additional charge $10.00. OBMX will deduct the additional fees from the deposit if the Client choses the wrong delivery options.

Airport Delivery and collection is available with a surcharge of $30 per item.  Please input the airport address with flight no. on the notes sections.

The Client agrees to contact OBMX within 6 hours of the agreed delivery date and time by phone or email if the Client is unable to locate or take delivery of the rental item(s).

The Client agrees and understands that all requests for changes to the existing reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the agreed delivery time in said reservation. Change requests made less than 24 hours before the agreed delivery time will be honored at the discretion of OBMX.

The Client agrees and understands that all deliveries are made with an earnest effort to the requested delivery time but, due to traffic or volume, understand there is an allowable 30-minute window of the requested delivery time. Client understands and agrees that during times of extreme weather, deliveries and/or pickups may be suspended for the safety of delivery personnel until such time it is deemed safe by management to continue operations.

The Client agrees that if no contact is made within 24 hours of the agreed delivery date, the Client accepts possession of the rental item(s) and its responsibilities during the possession. If an attempt is made to deliver rental items to a vacation home and the Client is unavailable or the Client has provided the incorrect delivery location resulting in a 2nd trip to redeliver, a $30 re-delivery fee may be applied at OBMX’s discretion.

The Client agrees that they have made every effort to verify that their desired delivery and return locations are within the stated delivery area (as stated in the FAQ section at ( and that any reservation may be altered or cancelled at any time at OBMX’s discretion if the desired location is not in the delivery area as stated. The Client understands that any rental item returned to the same location.

The Client agrees that any reservation may be altered or canceled at OBMX’s discretion if OBMX deems the desired hotel, resort or vacation home’s (delivery or pick up location) health and safety standards to be detrimental to the nature of our business.

1. Information Accuracy:

  • Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete delivery information when placing an order for baby item rentals. This information includes, but is not limited to, the delivery address, date and time of delivery, contact details, and any specific delivery instructions.

2. Verification Process:

  • Our team will verify the delivery information provided by clients to confirm its accuracy. This may include cross-checking the address, contact numbers, and delivery instructions to ensure a smooth delivery process.

3. Timely Updates:

  • Clients are required to promptly update any changes to their delivery information. This includes changes in delivery address, contact numbers, and delivery date or time. Failure to provide timely updates may result in delivery delays or additional charges.

4. Responsibility for Delivery Issues:

  • Clients acknowledge that providing incorrect or incomplete delivery information may lead to delivery delays or other complications. In such cases, OBMX shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience, costs, or issues arising from inaccurate information provided by the client.

5. Additional Charges:

  • In cases where delivery issues arise due to inaccurate information provided by the client, additional charges may apply for rescheduling or redirecting deliveries. These charges will be communicated to the client and must be settled before the revised delivery can be scheduled.

6. Privacy and Data Security:

  • OBMX is committed to protecting the privacy and security of client information. All client information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy, and it will only be used for the purpose of facilitating the delivery of rented baby items.

7. Communication Channels:

  • Clients can update their delivery information by contacting our customer support team through designated communication channels, including phone, email, or the online order management system.

8. Client Cooperation:

  • Clients are encouraged to cooperate with OBMX and its delivery partners to ensure a smooth and successful delivery process.

9. Non-compliance:

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in delays in the delivery of rented baby items. Repeated non-compliance may lead to the suspension or cancellation of rental services.
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