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Dwinguler Garden Delight Play Mat (Size M: 1900x1300x15mm)

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Perfect playmat for your babies.

Dwinguler playmat is the superb and eco-friendly mat exported around the world

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Take your baby to the garden without even stepping out of your home!!! Dwinguler Garden Delight Green Playmat is gorgeous and bright with colourful flowers, plump bees, shimmering dragon flies, pretty lady bugs and multi-coloured butterflies. Flip over the play mat and turn it into a new learning environment with alphabets and numbers. Hang out with your little ones and help them identify animals and objects. Hang out with your little one on this vibrant Garden Delight Green Playmat and engage and promote their sensory and educational development. Eco-friendly, baby friendly, tested to US and European safety standards, Dwinguler Garden Delight Playmat is high quality and non-toxic. Free from Latex, Phthalate, Lead and BPA. Soft, elastic and non-slip play mat helps reduce minor falls and bumps. Superior and patented padded construction cushions against serious injury in case of a fall. The play mat absorbs noise from footsteps and offers thermal insulation to prevent discomfort for children from walking on a cold floor. The play mat is waterproof. Wipe up food, drink, dribble, vomit and wee’s with a soft cloth or paper towel. Spills and crumbs will not spoil the play mat and it makes life more practical with kids. Dwinguler Garden Delight Green Playmat is portable and can be easily rolled up for easy use at any place where you need a clean and safe place for kids to play. Easy to clean – these play mats can be easily wiped with soapy water or household cleaner. Keep your baby healthy and protected from germs, bugs and bacteria. Doesn't get dirty or crack, has no sharp edges and completely safe for kids!
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Brand Dwinguler
Colour Choice Blue
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