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Who we are

Going back into the year 2010 looking for mobility concepts driven by user needs, a team of Austrian designers came up with the first sketch to convert a kids scooter into a balance bike. 

Plenty of prototypes and two years of test and design development shaped the firstborn Highwayfreak. A product which was no longer able to be called a scooter. It was the birth of the ScooterBike. 

2012 the company was officially founded under the name Scoot & Ride - Scoot of Scooter & Ride of Ride On Toys - in the small town in Upper Austria and step by step the ScooterBike range has been extended to its target group. 

2013 we won the ISPO Brandnew Award
2013 the ISPO Family Award
2014 the Red Dot Design Award
2015 the Tillywig Award and
2015 the Toy Award

Today we improve our range with innovative and useful features and extend our range following our users' passion. 

Have fun and thanks for choosing Scoot & Ride!

During our mobility concept in 2010, we have been in talks to external experts, several kids and their parents and there has been plenty of good inspirations to create new products but one especially kept on growing in our designers' mind. 

It was, and is, the possibility to enable kids to use the functionality of two products at the same time, the function to scoot as well as the function to ride. 

Consequently, most of our attention was drawn towards creating one fully-fledged product without compromising any benefits of a normal Scooter or a normal Bike. The goal was to ensure both functions - scooter & bike - as mentioned, available at the same time which means anytime, everywhere and without the need for any tool.

Today all Scoot & Ride products function by simply pushing a button forward to convert a scooter into a bike or reverse. 

Kids love to play and everybody knows how often they like to change their game. We love to support them. 
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