User Guide for Playard

To Fold and Pack the Playard

  1. Before folding the playard be sure to remove all accessories from the playard including the bassinet, changing table, parent organizer, or any other attachments.
  2. To fold the playard, release the Velcro® straps on the corners of the mattress from the underside of the playard floor
  3.  Lift the mattress from the playard and set it aside. If necessary, remove the mattress sheet.
  4. Push the release button near the center of the playard floor.
  5. Pull upward on the red handle near the center of the playard floor. Be sure that the center is pulled up all the way. 
  6. With the center of the floor pulled up, locate the button at the center of one of the top rail. 
    NOTE: The button is sewn inside the fabric near the center of each top rail.
  7. Pull upward on the top rail and squeeze the button. Then push down until the locking mechanism is released on BOTH sides of the top rail. 
    NOTE: If the rail tubes do not unlock, do not force them. Lift the center of the floor higher and try again.
  8. Once you have successfully released BOTH tubes and folded that top rail, repeat this procedure on the other top rails until all four top rails have been folded.
  9. Gather the playard together until it is compact and completely folded. 
    NOTE: DO NOT force the playard. If the unit will not fold, look for a partially latched top rail and squeeze the button in to release the rail.
  10. Lay the mattress on the floor with the soft side facing up. Lay the folded playard frame, bassinet, and parent organizer on the mattress, and fold the mattress around the frame with the short section tucked in.
  11. Locate the Velcro® straps on the end of the mattress, thread them through the plastic rings on the other side of the mattress and attach them. Then stand the playard upright.
    NOTE: There are three straps; one near the top, one near the center and one near the bottom.
  12. Open the zipper on the large section of the travel bag and slide the bag over the folded playard with the handle on the outside of the playard mattress facing the opening of the bag.  Once the playard is completely inside the travel bag, close the zipper. When inserted properly, the handle should be accessible through the opening in the bag.
    NOTE: The changing table and its components can be stored in the small section of the travel bag.

Unpacking/Assembling the Playard

• Keep children away from playard while unpacking and assembling.
• Open the travel bag and remove the playard, mattress, changing table, bassinet, and parent organizer.
• Release each of the Velcro® straps and slide them through the plastic ring.
• Set the mattress aside and position the playard so it is resting on the feet and wheels.
• DO NOT push the center down yet.
• With the center of the playard up, pull upward on each side rail until it locks into position. You will hear the rails lock into place. 

NOTE: There is ONE mechanism that locks BOTH pieces of tubing on EACH side rail. 
CAUTION: DO NOT squeeze the release button underneath the locking mechanism while you are pulling up on these rails. Doing so may prevent the locking mechanism from fully latching.

• Make sure that the top rails have become rigid. If they haven’t, pull up again until they are rigid. You may need to lift the center of the floor higher.
• Once you have locked the side rails in the up-position, go back and check each side rail again to be sure they are all locked into position.
• Hold one side of the playard up and push down the center of the floor.
• Place the mattress inside the playard with the soft side up.

NOTE: If using the sheet, 
• Locate the Velcro® straps near the corners of the mattress.
• Slide one corner strap through the slot in the floor of the playard and secure to the underside of the playard.

Repeat this step on the other three corners.

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